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The purpose of this organization shall be the study, appreciation and production of the best in music and the related arts.

The Historic
Friday Morning Musicale

The Friday Morning Musicale and Federated Women's Clubs, a historic 1927 clubhouse and auditorium resides at the center of Tampa's earliest cultural and civic life. The building was designed by Frank Dunham, a local architect and is an example of Mediterranean Revival style design.

The Musicale was founded initially to sponsor solo vocal performances and to bring leading performers to this young city. Within ten years of its opening, it had organized Tampa's first choral group, staged several operas and introduced an amateur dramatic society.

While the Friday Morning Musicale nurtured Tampa's cultural life, the women's clubs used the building to plan civic improvement programs, lobby for improved public health and educational programs and social services. The Musicale clubs provided leadership opportunities for women and a means to improve the quality of life in this growing city.

This beautifully preserved venue served as a memorable location for the children who grew up in the Tampa area in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Friday Morning Musicale continues to enrich the city's cultural life by providing an intimate setting for musical performances such as student recitals, chamber music groups, operetta excerpts and fund-raising musicals for small organizations.

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